A Full Service Colorado Lodge

Experience a one-of-a-kind vacation adventure.

One of the best features about Elk Mountain Ranch is our number of guests… 30.

We believe that you do not want to be lost in the crowd of one among many. We want our guests to get the most out of their vacation experience in the Rockies and believe that can best be achieved in a more intimate atmosphere. Our limited capacity enables us to tailor our activities to meet the needs of our guests. Our rides are small, tailored by interest and ability, with plenty of riding through unspoiled wilderness.

Our Colorado lodge could be bigger, but we happen to like concentrating on being better.

The Main Lodge houses facilities for dining, a lodge room with large fireplace, bar area, loads of games and puzzles, piano, library, enclosed porch and sun deck.

The Trading Post offers a line of “essential” cowpoke merchandise at reasonable prices – – candy bars, soft drinks, bandanas, fishing tackle, logo shirts and sweatshirts and cowboy hats.

The guest Washin’ Room houses a washer, dryer, detergent, iron & ironing board. For contact with the “real world”, internet can be accessed in this area of our Colorado lodge. You are welcome to use our ranch computer or your own device.