International Visitors Info for Colorado Riding Holidays

Spend your Colorado riding holiday at Elk Mountain Guest Ranch!

Approximately 20% of our guests travel from the United Kingdom to the United States to spend their horse riding vacation at Elk Mountain Ranch. We strive to offer the best dude ranch holiday value for your money! With the current exchange rates, an exceptional value awaits. Rates for Colorado riding holidays at the ranch include meals, lodging and activities.

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Cowboy Colorado Riding Holiday

The Elk Mountain Ranch week is from Sunday to Sunday. Many guests from the United Kingdom choose to fly into Denver International Airport on Saturday. A number of Denver Airport hotels offer complimentary airport shuttle and free continental breakfast. Helpful hotel links can be found on our Vacation Planning Page. The ranch’s airport transfer can then pick you up directly from your hotel on Sunday. Hiring a car is not necessary. The extra evening allows for jet lag and acclimation so that you can get the most out of your Colorado riding holiday at Elk Mountain.