Saddle Up for your Colorado Horseback Riding Vacation!

Superb daily trail rides are Elk Mountain Ranch’s most distinguishing features. The high, remote location of our horseback riding vacation destination offers miles of trails through aspen forests and open parks. The ranch owns an excellent string of horses, and they are matched to the rider’s abilities, offering you a chance to bond with your very own horse for a week. Rides are kept small in size and all are accompanied by a competent and caring wrangler.

Horsemanship – The Natural Way

At Elk Mountain Ranch, we own all of our own horses. No leasing of unknown steads here. Our herd of 55 horses is part of our ranch family. When we find that special horse that we believe will work for our program, they have a home for life. As they age, which does happen, we typically move them into our kid’s program. At this age they have been through the ropes, have that calm demeanor and continue to enjoy many years of love from the Buckaroos.

Tom is a firm believer in Natural Horsemanship. The entire staff learns that EVERY time we work with a horse, we are either training or untraining. We are either creating a desirable behavior or an undesirable behavior. For this reason, a great deal of time and effort is put into training our staff and also orientating our guests in what is expected with the riding program at Elk Mountain Ranch.

We think you will find that our horses are some of the most forgiving and responsive horses. If you are a beginner and prefer a horse that will just do his job and get you out on the trail, build your confidence, we have the horse for you. If you have some experience and prefer a more responsive horse, but steady on the trail . . . we have the horse for you.

Many guests proclaim that Tom’s hands-on horse orientation is one of the best they have ever heard. Tom has a passion for horses and for teaching. He loves to share this passion with our guests. Our goal is to help you learn if you want to learn, enjoy the ride if you just want to ride, offer you a challenge if you are up for it.

After 35 years of dude ranching, we have never stopped learning. We believe that each horse and guest has something to teach us….. we just have to be willing to listen.

For the little buckaroos that are too young to go out on the trail safely, Sue and the kids’ counselors offers a wonderful experience in the arena in a more controlled riding environment. It is geared to their ability, attention span and endurance. The kids learn about horses and their care. They develop new riding skills, gain an appreciation for their steed, and take part in some of the chores that go along with riding. Each day includes learning new gymkhana events, working on great seats and quite hands, and ~ not to be missed ~ Sue’s obstacle course with mail delivery which is an absolute hit with the kids.

We believe we have something to offer everyone…. whether this is your first ride or you have been in the saddle your whole life, we hope to bring a smile to your face and a peaceful feeling to your soul.

Riding Photos from Elk Mountain Ranch