Our staff is our family and our guests quickly become part of that same family. Which means the current COVID-19 scare hits us at the core as we look to do what we can to protect everyone in our ranch family. So, what are we doing to manage the ever-changing situation?

The fact that we are a seasonal operation and our facilities have been closed and winterized may be in our favor this year.  We, nor anyone else, will even be able to get into the ranch until the snow melts.  Staff are scheduled to arrive in mid-May. We may be optimistic, but we hope that the worst of the virus will have passed and we will be able to proceed with business as usual. But we balance that optimism with a strong sense of obligation and responsibility to closely monitor the situation as it unfolds in our country.

At this point, we are planning on opening for our summer season on May 31 to kick off the start of a wonderful summer. Realizing there is much uncertainty at this time, we have adjusted our cancellation policy for our May and early June guests to a 30 day cancellation window to give our guests the chance to ride this out a bit longer before being committed to their vacation.  Please understand that for guests with confirmed stays this summer we will do our best to take care of all of you while also managing our business obligations. As we learn more, follow the spread or watch it diminish, we will adjust accordingly.